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Alive is the ultimate app for personal development. Focus on small steps. Get support from friends. Turn progress into a motivating game.

  • Create your own goals or choose from 1000+ existing goals related to health/fitness, productivity, learning, etc.
  • Learn from the crowd and get recommendations on which steps to take
  • Track and visualize your progress every day
  • Stay motivated with streaks and compare yourself with friends
  • Control whether your challenges are public, visible to a group of friends, or private
  • Receive customized reminders for your next steps
  • Boost your friends and earn points once they take the next step
  • Unlock rewards from our partners


Startup "Alive" takes motivation to the next level

A new web-app promises to give its users a motivational boost: According to, achieving your goals will be made easier by breaking them down into small steps, teaming up with friends and joining a gamified system of “cooperative competition”.

Exercise regularly, quit smoking, learn a new language or simply spend more time with friends and family. Most people will recognize these or similar promises: They made them before - and broke them just a few weeks later.

But why? According to psychologists and motivational coaches, goals are set too losely, contestants lack social support, and various distractions await in everyday life. Wolfgang Schlicht, Professor of health psychology at Stuttgart University, therefore recommend to set specific goals and timeframes: “It increases the degree of personal commitment.” Anja Achtziger, expert for organisational psychology at Zeppelin University, furthermore suggests working towards a goal in a group of like-minded people.

Building on these observations, an internet startup from Berlin has now developed a web-app that helps its users to actually meet their goals. An intelligent system assists users in breaking down worthwhile but far-away goals into small, achievable steps - thereby keeping motivation on a constantly high level. Equally important is the social character of the app: users can share their goals with friends, profit from helpful hints and cheer each other on. Another highlight of the app is the gamified incentive system: If a friend's goal is considered as particularly worthwhile, the user can “bet” on this friend's future success; once he reaches the next step, both receive points and awards. Not only the user's own progress matters, but also the social element of supporting others and their goals.

The two founders, Kajetan Armansperg and Martin Strunk, had the idea while preparing for a marathon during the last semester of their studies, when they discovered that the motivational tools they used were also applicable to other aspects of life. “A fixed training schedule, the knowledge that friends are running with you, and the desire to be just a little bit faster than the guy next to you - all these together can help you a lot in getting closer to your goal”, Kajetan says. The website is currently in beta testing mode and can be used free of charge.


Kajetan Armansperg

Kajetan launched his first startup aged 13. After finishing school, he served as a long-term volunteer in an educational project in Guatemala. During his studies (Economis in Mannheim and Madrid, Management at HEC Paris), Kajetan worked in the sectors of Economic Cooperation and Strategy Consulting. He is a marathon runner, amateur mountain climber and always tries to find time to discover remote parts of the world as a backpacker. | +49 160 97 98 22 09 | Twitter | LinkedIn

Martin Strunk

Martin has a great eye for numbers and details. During his studies (Economics in Maastricht and Hong Kong, Management at HEC Paris), he gathered experience in Investment Banking and Business Development. Martin is passionate about photography, likes to swim long distances and to discover new destinations on road trips with friends.

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