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Planning and scheduling steps

When we dropped the planning of steps less than four months ago, the decision wasn't easy - dividing your long-term goals into small, achievable steps and building on the recommendations of others was what made Alive attractive in the first place. As you can read below, we initially sacrificed this feature to make the app easier and more intuitive to use. And while the app certainly became easier to use for new users, many established users told us that through this change, the app had lost much of its appeal. Bummer.

We're always happy to build on your feedback (and learn from our mistakes). And today, we bring steps back, hoping to keep it simple at the same time: You now can (but don't have to) add steps to your goals where it makes sense. For short-term goals or habits, just check off your daily activity. For long-term goals, add achievable steps or copy recommendations by others through the "+" button, and receive reminders accordingly. We're looking forwards to your feedback regarding this change and hope this will lead to many more achievements!


You can now ask questions, give recommendations or just jot down your thoughts on the goal pages (shared with everyone) or in a group (shared with other members of the group). We hope that this will encourage discussion on the site - as always, please let us know what you think about this and how we can improve this feature.


In order to level up, you now have to "unlock" the next level with some points. We're giving more value to points with this change and believe it will make the system more motivating. Your previous point balance has been converted to fit the new system.


We've launched a first version of our new group feature. You can create groups with a set of goals, and make them viewable to friends, colleagues or flatmates only. More features regarding this change will be rolled out soon. Stay tuned!

Design tweaks

We've slightly tweaked the design of the site, making it look lighter and less cluttered. This should help you focus on the most important elements more easily. We're also cooking up a great new feature that will be released soon - stay tuned!


Find your most remarkable achievements on your profile and on the goals pages now. Streaks are counted separately for each goal. Collect achievements and compare yourself with your friends.

Quote of the Day

We have implemented a Quote of the Day - feel free to share this on Facebook to inspire your friends and help us grow our network.

Resources Tab

We have redesigned the Resources tab, making it easier for you to access your favorite resources and to recommend new links. Reminder emails now also include a selection of new resources.

Explore Tab

We have updated the Explore tab to make it easier to find the goals you might like. You can now choose between different categories, popular goals or a random selection.

Streak rankings

For each goal, we now show a ranking of the 10 members with the highest current streak (if the privacy of that goal is set to public). Try to beat the longest streak!

Copy previous step

To facilitate the tracking of your goals, we copy the description of your last step into the "What did you do?" dialogue. You can obviously modify or delete this as you please.

Based on your fantastic and very helpful feedback, we are implementing a few considerable changes today, aiming for new levels of simplicity and long-term motivation. Some of the changes - especially the fact that we dropped the planning of steps - might come as a surprise to some of our loyal users. We kindly ask you to read on and get in touch with us to share your thoughts and potential feedback with us. Thanks a lot!

Simplified steps

We have dropped the planning steps. On each goal, you can now take a step once a day and earn a bonus by adding details about your progress.

There are several reasons for this simplification: First, quite a few users complained that the concepts of challenges and steps was a little confusing at first glance. We want to support your goals and ambitions in the most efficient way. Providing a simple tool that doesn't require much effort to get used to is part of the job.

Second, planning steps only made sense for long-term goals, like traveling to a certain place or running a marathon. On the other hand, adding steps to "Exercise regularly" or other habits was less intuitive. In the new system, you can still track your progress on long-term goals, and tracking habits became a lot easier.

Third, we hope the new approach will make the overall experience more personal and social. Adding personal details to your daily steps and receiving feedback will foster exchange and supportive feedback and help us build a stronger community.

Visualization of your progress

For each goal, you now get detailed visual feedback on your progress.

Getting a simple overview on your step frequency per week and per month will motivate you, help you understand your progress and see where a little more effort could be applied. There's a simple per-day statistic on the "Me" tab and you can find more detailed stats as well as a calendar view on the page for each goal.

Optimized for your smartphone

Our web app is now fully responsive and optimized for your smartphone.

Drag and Drop to rearrange your goals

Drag and drop your goals on the "Me" tab to flexibly rearrange them in order of importance.

Get picture suggestions for new goals

Adding goals has also become a lot easier. You can now select an appealing picture from our large database and personalize your goal.


Well, you're reading it. We've implemented a changelog. We realize that there still quite a few changes going on as we aim for the optimal user experience. This is the place where we'll keep you posted. If you would like to reply, please use the feedback form.