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A Smart Way to Achieve Your Goals
People use Alive to Exercise regularly

Focus on small steps. Get recommendations on what to do and visualize your success.

Get support from friends. Learn from experts and be inspired by friends.

Make it fun. Embark on streaks, boost your friends and unlock achievements.


" ... a powerful tool for finding the things you've always wanted to do and adding them to your list of goals, complete with the steps required to make them happen." (Alan Henry, Lifehacker)
"... find it highly motivating! There are times when I forget to celebrate the small victories that come along the way toward getting to the big prize, so having something like this really helps with that." (Anna D)
"I've started reading every evening, I'm saving money for a trip around the world and I'm running three times a week. This app is honestly spectacular and has helped me discipline and motivate myself - thank you so much!" (Peter S)

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Need inspiration? Here are some goals our users are pursuing: Exercise regularly - Drink more water - Meditate - Read more - Run regularly - Learn French - Learn to play the guitar - Write a book - Get up early - Learn Spanish - Learn to code - Eat healthy - Learn to play the piano - Run a marathon - Be organized - Get 5 a day of fruit and veg - Get in shape - Have breakfast every morning - Inbox zero - Stop complaining - Get a job - Tidy up regularly - Spend less time on the internet - Study regularly - Travel around the world - Sleep before midnight - Do pushups regularly - Learn Mandarin - Get more sleep - Run a 5K - Draw more - Write for my blog - Get good grades in my exams - See Machu Picchu - Donate blood - Learn German - Improve programming skills - Learn English - Work on my thesis - Floss - Run a half marathon - Learn Japanese - Work for my own business - No alcohol - Be on time - Send more letters to friends and family - Learn to build an app - Create a website - Don't overeat - Do something fun for me every day - Be wise with my time - Write in journal - Write a short story - No soft drinks / soda - Do yoga - Visit a TED talk - Don't smoke - Learn about photography - Be Healthy - Visit Africa - Go on a diet - Get a driving license - Learn to cook - Learn a martial art - Learn to dance - Keep track of my finances - Hike in the Grand Canyon - Have a clean kitchen before going to bed - Get to work/school on time - Produce music - Quality time with friends - Invent something - Visit Rome - Learn sign language - Lift weights - Learn Italian - Spend less time watching TV - Run a 10k - Study for Bachelor's degree - Publish an article - Do something new every week - Study for a Master's degree - Visit Japan - Read or do something active before work - See the Northern Lights - Swim regularly - Cook dinner regularly - Write down 3 gratitudes - Meet a new person everyday - Get a motorcycle license - Sell stuff you did not use for two years - Learn origami - Learn Korean - Go Skydiving - Perform a random act of kindness - Write a screenplay - Visit Vienna - Improve my Work-Life-Balance - Visit New York City - Write Yourself a Letter and Read it 10 Years Later - See Stonehenge - Bike Ride Regularly - Do something you have always been afraid of - Get a PhD degree - Visit the United Kingdom - Learn Maths - Plant a Garden - Learn HTML - Visit Budapest - Sleep under the stars - Learn to paint - Learn about finance - Travel to space - Visit all states of the United States - Go camping - Take a first aid class - Visit Venice - Improve typing skills - Take the stairs - Learn to improvise on the piano - Visit Russia - Live longer than 6 months in a foreign country - Visit Paris - Visit Scotland - Visit Thailand - Go on a date - Grow my own food - Try a new recipe - Study persuasion techniques - Minimize your waste output - Visit Ireland - Do something nice for my spouse every day - Learn a poem by heart - Visit Australia - Learn Russian - Learn Arabic - Learn to bartend - Write a song - Go bungee jumping - Learn to juggle - Limit technology use - Learn to fly an airplane - Go on a roadtrip - Learn about wine - Help alive grow - Find my dream job - Move abroad - Do Pilates regularly - Water plants - Read the newspaper regularly - Learn a Magic Trick - Visit Amsterdam - Go scuba diving - Learn to sail - Plant a tree - Drink beer at Oktoberfest - Attend a tea ceremony - Compete in a Triathlon - Learn to cook Japanese cuisine - Throw a massive party - Build my own furniture - Graduate - Be part of a flash mob - See the Great Barrier Reef - Visit London - Learn CSS - Swim with dolphins - Get a real photoshoot - Visit Hawaii - Quality time with the family - Visit Iceland - Write a poem - Learn to play the violin - Climb the Kilimanjaro - Learn to ride a horse - Learn Portuguese - Visit Barcelona - Make a film - Write my Life Story - Get my home in shape - Improve my general knowledge - Solve a Rubik's cube - Go on safari - Go couchsurfing - Visit India - Go to a concert - Brush teeth - Visit Florence - Design a new software program - Visit Egypt - Host a poker night - Connect with mentors - Visit Santorini, Greece - Stop watching TV - Visit Peru - Go mountain biking - Go boxing - Visit England - Make your own beer - Work as a volunteer in a humanitarian organization - Stay in an Overwater Bungalow - Eat vegetarian - Participate in a survival training - Visit Prague - Spend a semester abroad - Visit Berlin - Get along without plastic bags - Visit a lonely island - Learn Paragliding - Watch News everyday - Research your ancestors - Go to the Airport and Take the Next Random Flight - Learn a strategy game - Learn how to planch - Learn to Speed Read - Learn to snowboard - See Angkor Wat - Visit Las Vegas - Visit Italy - Visit Norway - Teach English - Cross a country on a bicycle - Drive Your Dream Car - Visit San Francisco - Participate in a Wine Tasting - Go kayaking - Visit Edinburgh - Throw a surprise party for someone - Visit Tokyo - Visit Chicago - Go hang gliding - Go to Ibiza - Learn Photoshop basics - See the Colosseum, Rome - See the Great Wall of China - See the pyramids in Egypt - See the Taj Mahal - Visit Europe - Get back in touch with a friend - Be a movie extra - See Petra in Jordan - Visit Seattle - Do a work-and-travel - Learn Morse Code - Learn how to play Chess - Visit New Zealand - Take more photos - See Neuschwanstein Castle - Read The Lord of the Rings - Go ziplining